Pumpkin Ice - So everything can taste "sweet" this fall

October 21st 2021 – “Pumpkin Ice,” an easy to use numbing spray for him and her that works by reducing nerve sensitivity so you can still feel intimate physical sensations while also keeping your “head” in the game with the legendary fall flavor.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to give your partner the blowjob of a lifetime, however, not all of us were blessed with the throating skills typical of sword swallowers or hot dog eating champions. For those looking to last longer and make sure their partner is satisfied first, the “Pumpkin Ice” desensitizing pump spray works in mere seconds and tastes like everyone's favorite fall season treat. All you need to do is apply a few sprays to either the back of the throat or penis. This will help you satisfy your partner by taking more of his manhood deeper, or by helping him not be a 1 minute man.

“This product has multiple benefits including being gender-neutral, reaching a wider audience altogether,” Says Daryn Parker, VP of CamSoda. “Not only that, but it also provides the cherry on top by adding a little bit of flavor bundled into the experience, making the ritual of using it all the more pleasurable.”

Whether you’re looking to make deep throating tastier or have your partner rach climax before you do--Spray it, lick it, suck it and fuck it all the way to winter with CamSoda’s “Pumpkin Ice” spray!

Look out, PSL, here we cum!

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