CamSoda Condiments - to Coat Your Sausages and Hot Dogs This Independence Day

June 24th, 2022 – Camsoda is branching into the food industry and releasing a line of condiments for the 4th of July. CamSoda has helped people enjoy their weiner for over 8 years through adult camming, and this year are making sure people continue to relish their wieners just as much at their Independence Day barbecue.

CamSoda is partnering with a premier condiment producer to provide a condiment line that comes in all shapes and sizes and, most importantly, packs a flavorful punch. Weiner crazed barbeque goers will be able to cascade their franks with Camato Ketchup, Sexy Sauerkraut, Makeout Mustard, Extra Creamy Mayonnaise, and Rumpy Relish for a taste that’ll surely take their weenies to another level.

“What is better than a scorching hot summer day defined by pool parties and barbecues, fireworks, and perhaps most importantly, a good ol fashioned hot dog? Our CamSoda condiments are made with premium ingredients that will turn a usual weenie into an orgasm in your mouth. Nothing is better than a glizzy on America’s birthday with a healthy serving of Camato Ketchup, Makeout Mustard, and some Rumpy Relish to top it off,” said Daryn Parker, VP of CamSoda. “Order now before these limited edition flavor bombs are out of stock!” 

To learn more about and purchase some CamSoda Condiments, please visit:  Our Product Page.

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